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Admission is now open for Academic Year 2023 / 2024

Our school is a place where the first social and community life of your child starts. It becomes a second home for boys and girls, all of whom are naturally curious about the world around them, as well as excited about learning. ADIS’s innovative American curriculum is designed to build on this natural curiosity through project-based learning and other engaging, real-life learning experiences in order to channel the enthusiasm of our students into a lifelong love of learning, discovery and understanding.

Our values run through everything that we do, every decision we make, every interaction we have. Most importantly, our ADIS values form the impacts that we have on all of our students.


Discover how ADIS is pioneering education for young minds by understanding the definition of ADIS High-Quality Learning.

Our aim is to have each ADIS graduate an empowered, respectful & responsible global citizen who loves learning through implementing the ADIS learning definition in every classroom and transforming it into daily routine practice amongst our valuable teachers. We thrive to provide our beloved students with an exceptional learning experience, equip them with the needed 21st-century skills, dispositions and have the desired key impacts on students at all ages.

Our story

Since opening in 2015, Al Durrah International School has dedicated itself to educating the whole student: mind, body, and spirit. This simple, yet powerful approach has resulted in the ADIS Academy being widely recognized as one of the finest independent schools in the nation, graduating students exceedingly well prepared for their next steps in life.

ADIS’s 1,200 students from Pre-Kindergarten through to Grade 12 learn in an atmosphere that is both challenging and supportive. ADIS’s teachers seek to inspire students to delve into our dynamic and broad curriculum and to emerge as lifelong learners motivated to pursue their passion and to contribute as empowered members of our global community.

Our welcoming community makes ADIS a place the whole family can feel connected. Visit our campus to witness what makes ADIS such a dynamic place to learn and grow.

NEASC Accreditation

A globally recognized standard of excellence

NEASC Accreditation attests to a school’s high quality and integrity.
The New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) is an independent, voluntary, nonprofit membership organization which partners with over 1500 public, independent, and international schools in the US and worldwide to assess, support, and promote high quality education for all students through accreditation, professional assistance, and pursuit of best practices.

The award of NEASC accredited status indicates that the member school has achieved high standards of professional performance and is committed to continuing growth and development.

We are proud to be one of the leading schools in Sharjah and the Northern Emirates to obtain the NEASC Accreditation.